Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Food Trip Essay Example for Free

Food Trip Essay Revolutionaries and activists, tried of associating the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) with these words? Well, it’s time to change your thoughts. PUP isn’t just for words like those mentioned above, please try to look at the brighter side. PUP isn’t just the way you think it is. All the speculations about our school aren’t true. Actually, if you’re inside our campus, you’ll surely have a wonderful time. The school offers delightful treats such as low tuition, high quality education and most especially, foods. I recommend you to go to PUP and I assure you a cheap and an enjoyable food trip for you and for your friends. TRUST ME! ï Å  PUP has it all, from snacks to lunch and to every kind of foods that you will surely like. I bet if you enter our campus, you won’t go out of it without being tempt to buy foods because of its cheap price. Be sure to prepare your spoon and fork as I introduce to you the best foods at the lowest price our campus can offer. 1.Value Meals (20php – 35php) One cup of rice with any ulam of your choice. These include dinuguan, chicken fillet, fried chicken, beef steak, adobo, burger steak, liempo, giniling, sausages, vegetables, etc. Imagine?!! With just 30php, you will experience tasting lutong bahay even if you’re away from home. 2.Buy 1 Take 1 Burgers (25php – 32php) Say goodbye to Jollibee, Mcdonald’s, KFC, and other burger – producing fast food chains. PUP has the cheapest burger ever. With just 32php, we can avail two burgers and that is if you are in PUP. While in fast food chains, you will just be left with dissatisfaction. 3.Clubhouse (20php) All the PUPians know this – clubhouse is a triangle shaped sandwich with egg wrappings and ham fillings. Well, the best thing about this food is that it is served with free drinks. Yes!!! You heard it right! It’s with FREE! FREE! FREE! AS IN FREE DRINKS which comes in various flavors. As far as I know, it is one of the highest grossing and most sought food in the University. It is so SULIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! 4.FEWA (33php or 37php) FEWA is also known as Footlong and Egg Wrapped Around. It is a sandwich with footlong (can be either regular in size or jumbo) wrapped in fried scrambled egg with cheese and cabbage. Another reason why you would enjoy this food is because of its vendor who has great sense of humor. Wondering who? Well, better check him or, should I say, her? At the East Wing of PUP canteen. 5.Fruit Shakes and Juices (10php-20php)

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